Core Values

Oakwood Community School is a happy and friendly school with a strong sense of ethos. Our students make huge amounts of progress in their time with us, and this is shown in their academic and social development. We are a school that sets itself the challenge to be creative and to make all learning as enjoyable and as much fun as possible. Our school encompasses an educational ethos of Head (academic), Heart (therapeutic), and Hands (vocational), which give students the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to become successful, productive, and well-rounded in adulthood.


Literacy and numeracy skills are developed through explicit, contextualised teaching of spelling, punctuation, and grammar, arithmetic, and problem-solving skills throughout the curriculum, this underpins all our subjects through a thematic approach. We work with students so that they have the transferable skills to take into work place. Teachers and support staff have been trained on the importance of oracy and speaking and listening. They therefore create opportunities for learners to develop this key skill in lessons as appropriate. Work experience and careers guidance inspire students to ensure they gain as much experience as possible of work through onsite and offsite provision. We prepare our students for the world of work and the necessary transition from a school environment. 


Students who are able to self-regulate become adults who are able to resolve issues and difficulties by understanding themselves and thinking about how they relate to people in their lives.  Our vision is to facilitate self-empowerment to help individuals to achieve a state of wellbeing, by educating them to become mindful and emotionally resilient adults.  


Students participate in practical opportunities to learn through Forest School, Motor Mechanics, P.E, and Design Technology. Vocational courses are designed to help young people learn in a practical way about a specific job area – helping them to get the skills needed to start a job, progress in a career, or go on to higher levels of education.



Key Aims

Regardless of the background and experience of our pupils when they first arrive at Oakwood, we endeavour to give them all a common set of practical key life attributes and skills. Expressed as aims for our pupils, they form important building blocks for our young people to become engaged and fulfilled members of society when they eventually leave the school, having concluded their education.

Developing Resilience

Many of our young people come to the school having struggled in mainstream education. They may have difficult family backgrounds, and in some cases have been the subject of abuse. Their self-confidence is often low, as is their expectation of what they can achieve. We help them to develop emotional tools to cope with their journey through not only school life, but also their development as they mature into young adults.

Empowering Achievement

Very often the young people we educate will believe that they are unlikely to achieve a great deal in life – that their opportunities are limited. We do not accept this as a given. We work hard to empower our young people to believe in their own qualities, the opportunities that lie ahead for them, and their ability to achieve whatever they want to in life.

Delivering Support

We support our young people both educationally and pastorally. As important as their technical education, is their emotional and social development. Their growth as individuals into young adults needs to be nurtured and helped at every stage. As a school we are committed to ensure this happens.

Preparing Young People for Future Life

Complementing our delivery of support is a holistic approach to a young person’s development. This means considering the world they will enter and take part in when they are older and preparing them for what they are likely to find.

Developing Empathy

Every child is unique, with different emotional development and needs. Many of the young people who attend the school find it difficult to understand and share the feelings of another person. This development of this key social skill is important as a part of their overall development, and directly affects their ability to work with others in their future life.

Encouraging Communication

Being able to communicate thoughts, feelings and emotions clearly, is difficult for many of our young people. There may be barriers to sharing emotions as well as difficulty in processing them. We work hard as a school to help our young people understand that it is important to share feelings, at the same time as developing their communication skills, so they are able to do so in an appropriate manner.

Instilling Trust

Many of our young people come to the school having had their trust in authority figures broken. This can be for a variety of reasons, but we believe it is of crucial importance that they can trust the school and its teachers as well as learn to trust their peers and other people who they have relationships with. We also teach them about how to cope with events that make them questions that trust.


Initial contact is made through the Head teacher and the Company Director.

Pastoral & Safeguarding

We strive to provide the strongest possible support for all our students


We deliver an outstanding curriculum that is designed to meet the diverse needs of our students.

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