Lesson: Maths, Access to GCSE Key Stage 3 Class

We are currently learning to calculate volumes of 3-dimensional shapes. Students were tasked to find cuboids in the maths classroom around them and then calculate their volumes by measuring the lengths, widths and heights of the chosen cuboids and multiplying the values.

3-dimensional shapes are all around us and when real-life objects are used in learning it really helps students retain their understanding and knowledge.

Key Stage 3 Design Technology (Food Technology)classes were front and centre last week at Oakwood. Students have recently completed the Sensational Seasonal Foods Module of Design Technology.

The module focussed on using seasonal vegetables and students were tasked to create meals around these vegetables. Some of the meals created on the course were Courgette Risotto and Masala Potatoes.

Students learnt valuable skills such as kitchen knife skills and using hobs as well as consolidating skills from maths and science such as measuring water in millilitres.

We look forward to tasting some of their meals in the future!

Stay calm on Sunday 23rd April – here’s our explanatory guide to what is happening with the National Alarm System this weekend.

Please share with anyone you feel needs to know this information.

Here at Oakwood Community School we are very pleased to announce that as a result of our latest Ofsted inspection, the school has been officially rated as “Good”.

This is in no small part down to the professionalism and dedication of all staff and management, who have been determined to improve the school’s rating. We now look forward to working towards ‘Outstanding’. If you would like to view a copy of the report then please click here…

However you are choosing to celebrate Easter we hope you have a fantastic day, we are sure that our pupils have been enjoying their Easter holiday and we hope they have a great day today!

Our Biology class for Access to GCSE Students looked at the world of cells this week. Pupils made 3D cell models and flower dissections as part of our Organisation in Plants and Animals module. They learnt about the fundamentals of animal and plant cells and why cell are the building block to all living organisms.

They were fascinated to learn how every living thing starts as a small cell, before evolving into a living organism.

Practical Chemistry…….

Following on from their Physics lesson our Access to GCSE students looked at practical applications for common chemistry techniques. They learnt how to separate mixtures using a range of techniques such as filtration, evaporation, crystallisation, paper chromatography and distillation. Students then applied class work to real life applications such as making pure alcohol, separating inks and dyes and purifying water.

Another great lesson combining theory and practise.

In our Access to GCSE class, students built giant ramps to measure the speed, distance and travel time of mini toy cars. The students could change the surface the car travelled on, alter the gradient of the ramp or change the mass of the car to investigate factors affecting speed.

This linked to the real world in terms of stopping and thinking distance, instantaneous and average speed cameras and friction. They really enjoyed seeing how theory became reality and testing the different car specifications.

A fun and informative lesson.

Student safety and well-being is at the heart of everything we do at Oakwood. For that reason, we tackle E-Safety from a whole school perspective through the introduction of Safer Internet at Oakwood days.

Our first of these was a collapsed timetable day where students participated in a carousel of activities. Our workshops included an internet safety video gaming competition, a digital footprint art activity, a popcorn movie session which focused on sexting and the sending of inappropriate images, students and staff battled the clock and other teams to complete our e-safety scavenger hunt, and Oakwood’s infamous Bean Bag Bonanza championship took on a cyber-safe twist. Apple team took home our trophy with the most points achieved throughout the day, but all students did themselves and the school proud and took home their participation certificates and medals.

Our Digital Leaders (students tasked with improving digital literacy across the school) donned a staff uniform and became support staff for the day, with each assigned a different workshop. They shone like the stars they are and absolutely aced the day.

Well done to everyone involved!