However you are choosing to celebrate Easter we hope you have a fantastic day, we are sure that our pupils have been enjoying their Easter holiday and we hope they have a great day today!

At Oakwood we believe in nurturing creative talent in all its different forms. Illustrated by the pictures here is the Graffiti project that pupils are have been undertaking as part of their Art curriculum. The pictures show the individual graffiti fences, where pupils have created their own tags and displayed them on their fences.

Going forward, we are planning an Art installation using some full-size fence panels for a larger-scale graffiti project. We are very proud of their creative talent and who knows we may even have a future street artist in our midst!

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At Oakwood we pride ourselves on being creative, innovative and never settling for anything less than excellence. We create a community where intimacy, warmth and trust is nurtured to provide a level of care that enables children to feel safe and respected.

Our school environment helps pupils towards long-term social and learning achievement.

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Here at Oakwood, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday by serving up pancakes in the cafeteria for our students. Everyone had their own choice of toppings, although chocolate was the clear favourite! It was a great day and everyone enjoyed their sweet treats.

What was your topping of choice?

Tuesday 6th February was National Safer Internet Day. This year students once again took part in the annual competition to secure the Safer Internet @ Oakwood Trophy!

Students had a collapsed timetable day where all lessons were cancelled and instead they participated in a carousel of activities all of which had an e-safety theme! Activities included a gaming competition, creative art session, cinema experience complete with popcorn, scavenger hunt, and bean bag bonanza board game.

This year our yellow team, Linux, stole the much-coveted Trophy beating the green team, Microsoft, by just 7 points and took home a goodie bag of surprises for all of their hard work.

The sportsmanship award was also awarded with a prize for team work & sportsman like behaviours.

Last week at Oakwood Community School we were raising money and awareness as part of Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week. Students took part in a range of wellbeing activities at the end of each day, making their voices heard by completing an activity to inform staff of something about themselves that they wish staff knew, and identifying people that they know they can talk to.

Students and staff expressed themselves through a non-uniform day, and a cake raffle was held with all money raised being donated to Place2Be – a massive thank you to all parents/carers, students and staff!

It is important to celebrate the achievements, big or small, that make your child proud. Whether it’s taking a test, making a new friend, overcoming a challenge or accomplishing a goal – let’s spread joy and positivity together!

Remember, it’s okay not to be okay, and together, we can support each other and create a nurturing space for the future generations – we hope you have made this Children’s Mental Health Week both memorable and meaningful!

There are many ways that we can all look after ourselves, and as part of Children’s Mental Health Week we’re taking a moment to give you some tips on how to take care of your mental well-being.

Remember, you are not alone, and taking care of your own mental health should always be your top priority in all situations. And with this week being what it is, it’s important that our children and young people are all made aware of this as well.

Last week at Oakwood, in Computer Science we have been delving deeper into binary representation and looking at how to convert between not only binary (0’s and 1’s) and decimal (0-9) but also up to hexadecimal and even into character sets Students have been decrypting messages, associating colours to images, and completing mathematic equations in binary.

As the saying goes, there are 10 types of people in the world… those that understand binary and those that don’t….Or as our students would say… 10111111 = BF = 191!