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Keeping pupils safe…..

Student safety and well-being is at the heart of everything we do at Oakwood. For that reason, we tackle E-Safety from a whole school perspective through the introduction of Safer Internet at Oakwood days.

Our first of these was a collapsed timetable day where students participated in a carousel of activities. Our workshops included an internet safety video gaming competition, a digital footprint art activity, a popcorn movie session which focused on sexting and the sending of inappropriate images, students and staff battled the clock and other teams to complete our e-safety scavenger hunt, and Oakwood’s infamous Bean Bag Bonanza championship took on a cyber-safe twist. Apple team took home our trophy with the most points achieved throughout the day, but all students did themselves and the school proud and took home their participation certificates and medals.

Our Digital Leaders (students tasked with improving digital literacy across the school) donned a staff uniform and became support staff for the day, with each assigned a different workshop. They shone like the stars they are and absolutely aced the day.

Well done to everyone involved!