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Learning essential skills…..

Here are some photos from our recent Business Skills Day at Oakwood Community School, an engaging and creative experience with the help of the wonderful people from HSBC! Our students set out on an extraordinary journey of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, as they were divided into four separate teams, each tasked with a unique challenge – to create, market, and sell origami ducks????

In true business style, our young innovators designated team names, devised marketing plans, and allocated job roles. The creative team names were: Quack Attack, Pukka Dukks, Quackattac LTD, and Water off a Duck’s Quack! The big moment arrived when they presented their expertly crafted ducks to the HSBC team – facing our line of ‘dragons’ our students showcased their sales, negotiation, and bartering skills with the utmost confidence and charm.

We felt so much pride watching our young learners engage and excel at such a complex task so wonderfully. Every team rose to the occasion, showcasing not just their creativity but also their budding entrepreneurial prowess. Take a moment to browse through the photos that captured the essence of the day – some excellent snapshots of creativity, learning, and the fun that was had by everyone – students and HSBC team alike!