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Lessons from the past….

This terms learning theme for all students at Oakwood is Healthy Lives. Our Key Stage 2 class in History are focussing on ancient medicine and medical practices, and recent we have been investigating the subject of mummification.

We wanted our pupils to be able to identify the mummification process, describe it in detail and evaluate whether mummification led to medical progress. Egyptians believed that when a person died, his soul left the body to wander, but would then return, and so the body had to be protected so the soul could return to it. It was important to try and preserve the body, and so mummification was the way of doing this. However, it was only available to the rich and powerful.

Our pupils took considerable interest in the details of mummification and how the body was prepared for the after life in ancient Egypt. It transpires that the Egyptians learnt a lot about the anatomy of the body and how to preserve it for centuries to come. This alone would have led to the development of medical knowledge at the time.

A really interesting subject and one our class really enjoyed studying.