Admission Arrangements

Our Proprietary board and senior managers ensure that

  • Our admission arrangements are reviewed annually, and consultation takes place on any changes that may take place
  • The admission arrangements are published in the school brochure and made available to parents/carers
  • An admissions register is kept up to date for each school
  • The capacity formula and age range of the pupils corresponds to the number of available places as identified on the school’s registration documents.

The Headteacher will ensure that:

  • Pupils are admitted in accordance with this policy
  • The school is represented in the referral process of the organization
  • Young people are placed at Oakwood school if it is appropriate to their individual needs
  • All staff are expected to follow this policy when advising prospective pupils, parents, social workers and referring bodies.

The Referral Process

Initial contact is made through the Head teacher and the Company Director.

Representatives of Local Authorities, the Education Services, Social Services, Justice or Health Authority may formally refer a young person to the School. Copies of all relevant documentation are requested at this point, including Statements of Education Needs, Education, Health Care Plans and past education history.

Local Authority staff, Social Workers, Parents and prospective pupils are welcomed to visit the school prior to any formal referral being made, during the referral process and subsequent placement. All visits are to be made by prior arrangement with the Head Teacher. A meeting of all parties concerned with that prospective pupil takes place in order to agree a particular plan of action regarding the young person’s education.