Our emphasis is on progress. We are dedicated to ensuring all children make at least expected progress from their individual starting point to the end of each Key Stage. We track attainment and progress, regularly reporting to parents if students are working at, above, or below the expected level. Internal school tracking systems enable us to identify any students who need additional support or interventions.

Aspirational, but achievable targets are set at the beginning of each school year and students’ progress towards this is monitored. Lessons are planned by teachers considering the students’ starting point, and the minimum expectation of them (Minimum Expected Grade or MEG). These are reviewed throughout the year to ensure they are still challenging to our students, and the students’ MEG may be adjusted upwards.

Marking and Feedback

Our Marking and Feedback aims to help students to reach or exceed their full academic potential. There is a uniform approach to feedback across the school. It ensures students are fully aware of What Went Well, and how their work could be even better with next step targets.

We have several initiatives to ensure that marking and feedback is understood by all students.

These include:

  • Purple Pen of Progress
  • Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time
  • Consistent whole school marking for literacy
  • Regular marking evaluations are carried out by subject leaders and the senior leadership team, to ensure consistent application of these initiatives, and to evaluate their impact, making any necessary adjustments to achieve the best possible outcomes for students’.

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