Our overall careers strategy is derived from the 8 Gatsby benchmarks:

  • A stable career programme
  • Learning from career and labour market information
  • Addressing the needs of each pupil
  • Linking curriculum learning to careers
  • Encounters with employers and employees
  • Experiences of the workplace
  • Encounters with further and higher education
  • Personal guidance


Students will gain an understanding of what careers education is. They will be able to express their aspirations and convert them into a focused, proactive approach for their future. Students will gain a positive outlook on further education and feel confident in going forward to additional education or workplace environments. Students will have the ability to complete application forms, use money and know where to access information. Oakwood Community school adopts a strategic approach, linking curriculum learning to careers, making subjects more relatable and relevant to everyday and working life.


The Careers Programme at Oakwood is supported by our Careers Lead, aided by external support from Above and Beyond Careers Ltd. All school staff support the careers programme and assist in working in partnership with local employers, and charities, so that students have the best possible start to their working careers.

Careers interviews, external consultations and transition plans are put in place to support the students. All students in Year 10 and 11, will take part in work experience, either internally or externally. Students will be covering a range of topics in class which are in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks and will promote positivity, problem solving and teamwork. This will be differentiated for different levels of ability and will be accessible to all students in various formats. We will be timetabling key career related talks, events and visits for all students throughout the school. We will covering the following key elements of careers education:

●      Self development

●       Personal management

●      Careers exploration

●      Understanding the world of work

●      Career management

●      Careers and the community

●      Labour market research


 Students will achieve the knowledge to go forward on to further education with confidence, they will be able to successfully complete an application form, their own CV and be confident in interview techniques. Students will be knowledgeable in pathways, qualifications and apprenticeships and be able to identify the most suitable one for them and their higher aspirations. 

We are committed to:

·       Ensuring they gain as much experience as possible of work though onsite and offsite provision.

·       Ensuring they are prepared for the world of work and the necessary transition from a school environment.

·       Endeavour to help each student fulfil their own individual aspirations

·       Working with students so that they have the transferable skills to take into work roles. These can include communication, problem solving and teamwork. Students work on these skills throughout their lessons.

·       Working with our older students to develop CV’s and help them practice their interview skills through mock interviews with local employers.

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